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To make ordering games more comfortable for you, we added a possibility of creating your own user account and online order status checking. This way you will avoid any inconvenience of waiting for an email from us. Right after you place your order, if you supply a correct user login and password, you will be able to see your order status.
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New server2006.12.04

We are proud to inform that today we changed our sites server for a much faster one. It will allow you downloading our products faster than ever. Try it!
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Buy Strip Pokera Excluisve online2006.11.08

Buy Strip Pokera Excluisve onlineFrom now on You can purchase English Strip Poker Exclusive 2 in our new online shop. Click on the link in the left to do it. Please notice You need a credit card.
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Demo Strip Poker Exclusive 22006.11.03

We are proud to inform that there is a Strip Poker Exclusive 2 English demo version available in the download section. We encourage you to try it out.
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Welcome to the Strip Poker Exclusive 2 site2006.10.17

Welcome to the Strip Poker Exclusive 2 siteWelcome to the Strip Poker Exclusive 2 site - a supreme simulator of strip poker. Currently you can find several dozen of girls photos and some ingame pictures. Within few days, you will be able to download SPE2 demo. Also, soon you will be able to purchase the game via this site.
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English website Strip Poker Exclusive 2

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