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Demo Strip Poker Exclusive 32008.04.29

We are proud to inform that there is a Strip Poker Exclusive 3 English demo version available in the download section. We encourage you to try it out.
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Strip Poker Exclusive 32008.04.28

Strip Poker Exclusive 3From now on You can purchase English Strip Poker Exclusive 3 in our new online shop. Click on the link in the left to do it. Please notice You need a credit card.
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Strip Poker Exclusive 3 premiere 2008.04.23

Strip Poker Exclusive 3 premiere We would like to inform, that on 28th of April 2008 SPE3 will hit the market. Coming with 8 totally new, bold and beautiful girls. Now it's also possible to match them in the most popular poker kind, the Texas Hold'em. We encourage You to buy and try the game, soon more details will be published.
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Page temporary unavailable2008.02.19

On 21st February, at 10 PM (GMT) our server will be shut down untill 7am on 22nd February.
We're sorry for any inconvienience.
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Christmas cut-price! 2007.11.29

Christmas cut-price! In connection with incoming Christmas we're launching a price ruduction for our games! From now on Strip Poker Exclusive costs only 14,99€ and Strip Poker Exclusive 2 only 17,99€. New pricing will be valid untill 1st January 2008. Please visit in our online shop.
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