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Offer 2009.09.29

Do You have a website or a blog about computer games. If You are interested in reviewing any of our games, please contact us at:
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Strip Poker Exclusive 4 demo2009.04.21

Strip Poker Exclusive 4 demoOur newest game, the Strip Poker Exclusive demo version is now available in the download section. Try it out!

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Strip Poker Exclusive 4 premiere2009.04.20

Our newest product, the Strip Poker Exclusive 4 is for sale from today on. The game is available in our online shop for 19.99 euro. We strongly encourage You to acquaint with its features and to download the demo version.


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Strip Poker Exclusive 4 announcement2009.03.31

Strip Poker Exclusive 4On 20th April 2009 the fourth part of Strip Poker Exclusive game series will be released. Featuring 6 absolutely new girls, who will gladly charm you with their grace. You can compete with the girls in any of 3 poker games, one of them being a complete novelty - Omaha Holde'em, a game for really ambitious players. Also, the Texas Hold'em algorithm has been improved, giving now a feeling of a real casino play. Apart from new girls and poker types, the fourth part also brings higher resolution, better movies quality and new graphic design. Meet your new opponents:

Strip Poker Exclusive 4 - MagdaStrip Poker Exclusive 4 - AniaStrip Poker Exclusive 4 - PaulinaStrip Poker Exclusive 4 - KasiaStrip Poker Exclusive 4 - Sylwia

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Christmas cut-price! 2008.11.28

Christmas cut-price! In connection with incoming Christmas we're launching a price ruduction for our games! From now on Strip Poker Exclusive costs only 12,99€, Strip Poker Exclusive 2 only 15,99€ and Strip Poker Exclusive 3 only 17.99€. New pricing will be valid untill 1st January 2009. Please visit in our online shop.
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