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Strip Poker Exclusive for Android2012.05.31

Android strip pokerWe now present the Strip Poker Exclusive forAndroid. At the same time, we would like to remind that this is just a beta version. We tried to make the game resemble the final versionas much as possible, but the multitude of hardware configurations and OS versions may cause problems on some of them. If using our game you encounter an error, we would appreciate if you report it to: (please include information about the type of device). The game can be downloaded from: or using the
QR code: QR Android Strip Poker Exclusive

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Try Strip Poker Exclusive for free2011.11.10

Download the latest version of Strip Poker Exclusive, completely free and without any registration. You can with this version to download six opponents (in the demo). If you are our customer and  you purchased at least one opponent you will have access to the full library of girls in demo mode. You can download new version from here Strip Poker Exclusive. Below we present a set of opponents available to all:


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The shop is functional again!2011.05.19

After some temporary problems with accepting credit card payments the shop is fully functional again! We would like to excuse anyone, who encountered any difficulties using our shop and invite You back to it, now working properly.
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Payment system problems.2011.05.18

Due to a independent of us problem with accepting credit card payments, we are temporarily forced to suspend accepting new orders. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause and we ask for Your forbearance.
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New sales system 2009.12.29

From 7 January we are launching a new sales system. It will allow our customers to complement their own set of opponents they want to compete against. All girls that have appeared in our games until now are adapted to the newest game engine, so the video material gained on quality. Apart from that, a new system for downloading and installing girls purchased from our website has been embedded into the game. Because of that all previous versions of the game will be removed from the store. They are going to be replaced with sets of opponents that were included in the corresponding versions of the game. Pricing for the set will be exactly the same as the pricing of games is right now. Pricing for a single girl is going to be around 3-4 euro.

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