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Strip Poker Exclusive 2011

Strip Poker Exclusive 4Strip Poker Exclusive is a comprehensive simulator strip poker, giving access to a large collection of hot opponents. In the game you have 3 different types of poker, where you can test your skills: selected classic poker, currently the most popular poker game Texas Hold'em or for experienced players and Omaha Hold'em. Particular emphasis was put on an algorithm to play Texas hold'em, and Omaha hold 'em, so that everyone could feel that playing in a real casino with a real opponent. Each of the girls besides is beautiful, she really knows how to play poker and has its own original style of play. Some girls like bluff, others play aggressively, others prefer to play cautiously. If you want win you really need to do one's best, but the reward will be able to enjoy all the charms that conceal these beautiful women. The game has built-in a convenient download manager where you have free access to the collection of opponents in the demo version , and you can download previously purchased full versions of opponents. The game is available for free, you only pay for the opponent that you can buy in our store, we encourage you to download and try our game.

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Strip Poker Exclusive 2011 is a version of the game, which was based on the fourth part of the Strip Poker Exclusive and combines all the best features of previous versions.

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