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Strip Poker Exclusive 4

Strip Poker Exclusive 4Minimal requirements: 1,4 GHz CPU, 64 Mb RAM, DVD-ROM, minimal resolution 1024x768, sound card, 95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista, 1,5 GB free hard drive space.

The fourth part of Strip Poker Exclusive gives presents an opportunity to match with 6 flawless girls. Every model is not only beautiful, but knows how to play poker and has her own, individual playing style. Some will bluff, some will play aggresively, but others won't play without some good cards in their hands. If you want to beat them all, you'll have to try hard. In reward fot your efforts, You will be presented with all the beauty the girls are hiding. In Strip Poker Exclusive 4 you can choose from 3 different poker types: classic, also called 'straight', the most popular at present type of poker play, namely Texas Hold'em and for more experienced players - Omaha Hold'em. During developing the fourth part of our game, we have put our emphasis on improving texas hold'em and omaha holdem algorithms, to create a feeling of playing in a real casino with a live opponent. Apart from that, we have put much work in re-developing the graphical layout and better videos in higher resolution. We encourage you to buy our newest game and have great fun with it!

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